I am an Author, Spiritual Mentor and  Spiritual Awakening Coach!

Hello there, my name is Juan Vargas!  I am the creator of awarenessoffreedom.com!

LET ME ASK YOU THIS!  Do you ever go throughout your days aimlessly, with no purpose or point to why you are alive? Or have you ever gone one single day in your life, where you haven’t thought about the meaning of life? – Of course you haven’t!  You live your life within, through and around that celestial thought every single second of your waking life!

Most people surround themselves with social obscurity, ego, hate, arrogance, competition-thinking, jealousy and gossip.  They don’t allow their emotions to communicate with their heart and they let their lives drift in autopilot default mode.  Hence they don’t take the time to explore and investigate for answers to the ultimate question that compels all of us, which is to examine the true meaning of why we are alive!


I want to let you in a little secret! – Everything you’ve ever wanted in your life can easily be achieved, if you just simply ask with an open Heart.  All of the gratification and fulfillment in your life can be reached if you use compassion to communicate with your Higher Self and your Soul.  Have a normal conversation with your divine self and know that your Higher Self and your Soul are here to serve you 100%.

My mission in life is extremely eager in wanting to assist people, who are ready and willing to venture into the realm of their higher power and potential! In my own experiences and lessons, I have come to deeply understand that some people are not yet ready to expand their consciousness and awareness.  Out of this realization, I gained a great deal of wisdom and insight, that led to help me comprehend three important lessons of good judgment!

  • These are 3 main causes that is blocking humanity from experiencing and opening up to Spirituality:
    1. Most people don’t care to want to know, they don’t care to change – Why?: They’re not yet Spiritually ready.  Their Hearts are not yet developed with Universal Unconditional Love, (They will blossom on their own time).
    2. Most people just don’t know that Spirituality exists and are ignorant to the fact, that there are other higher dimensions that exist from the one that we currently reside in.
    3. There are some people that want to know, they just don’t know where to start or how to be able to believe and trust that the information they are receiving, is genuine and authentic.

I am on a Spiritual mission to bring beautiful knowledge about the Cosmos, to whomever I am able to affect on this planet, and spread Universal Unconditional Love and Wisdom to every human being on planet mother earth (Gaia), Spiritually with ‘Group-Consciousness!’


The creation of Awareness Of Freedom, is made to help humanity Spiritually awaken and become aware of the weird and dark mysteries of life, that are purposely hidden from us.  It is a site where you will Spiritually learn to understand Universal Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, Light and Spiritual Development.  Awareness Of Freedom is exactly what it means, to become free in your awareness and Spiritual know-how.


Back in 2012, I began experiencing instant visions of Spirituality, while deployed with the military in Afghanistan.  It was a beautiful clear night sky with the stars shining ever so dazzling.

As I was walking back to my tent from the ending of my shift.  I began feeling these strong sensations being transmitted to me, and explaining that this planet is not what we really think it is.  That something malicious is happening in the background of our lives.

I simply felt that something bizarre was going on behind our backs and I felt incomplete in my life.  I sensed as if I knew that my Soul was poking at me, wanting to wake me up and show me the truth about our existence here on earth.

So that night, my intuitive nudge told me to look up at the marvelous stars and speak out loud these exact words:

“If there is anything I can do to help, I wanna help.  I feel that there’s something very sinister going on in this planet and I want to do anything that I can, to help with Love.”

From that moment on, wonderful things started transpiring into my life.   So The Existence (God), sent 777Alaje into my life, and shared much wonderful information that helped me to wake up to the true reality of our lives.  That everything is kept hidden from us on purpose, to distract us and pull us further away from being in tune within our Heart and from obtaining Spiritual Love and Wisdom.


Awareness Of Freedom, was founded on March 2017.  I am wanting only to contribute the Energy of Universal Unconditional Love to all of humanity, through the awareness of the consciousness of Love in our Hearts.

I love everything that has to do about altering your mind and waking it up to Spirituality and a deeper level of Unconditional Love!

Alaje The Pleiadian

777Alaje The Pleiadian, can help those who wish to let go of old negative behavioral habits, corruption, wickedness and ignorance!  His mission is to share and communicate the Energy of Universal knowledge of Love, Light and Wisdom to whomever is ready and willing to change their lives and their Hearts!

His 3 cd set contains embedded sound frequencies of Cosmic Love that ALAJE the Pleiadian received from the higher dimensions of Light. They help to charge, cleanse, harmonize, and expand your Consciousness, and uses it to free planet Earth from negative energies.