Better way of life and a happier way of thinking!

Better way of life and a happier way of thinking!

Hello Humanity!

My name is Juan Vargas, and  I am the creator of Awareness Of Freedom.

Welcome to a life altering destination towards gaining complete knowledge of Cosmic Light, Unconditional Love and Universal Wisdom!  This is your time to finally understand how to achieve a better way of life and a happier way of thinking!

You see, we are all infinite beings and our soul never dies!  We are temporary Spiritual dwellers, only going through experiences and learning lessons (in the physical sphere) to evolve Spiritually towards the Light Realms – Heaven!

While you are going through the process of learning what your life’s purpose is here on planet mother earth, I want you to understand something extremely important.  Do not allow the perception of lack and limitation to take control of your life.  Understand that you are able to ask your soul anything you want, and the wishes to your desires are infinitely endless.

We have been misled to believe that we only contain three wishes, but in reality there is absolutely no limits to the wishes you desire.  The Existence (God), never limits you on anything, because this energy source is everlasting power of Pure Universal Unconditional Love.

The Existence (God) didn’t create you to fail and quit at life, or to become a negative and hateful human being.  Like I’ve mentioned a few sentences ago, we are created to find understandings while making creations about everything in life.

Think about it for a moment…You are an appendage, an attachment or projection of “The Creation’s Pure Energy of Love (God),” and in a true sense that makes you a Creator as well, but in a very small portion of that Loving Energy Source that emanates in your Etheric form! Why else do you think you are able to tap into your intuition and sense with your emotions!?

We are Powerful creators and we have the Power to make changes in our lives at free will.  You are not locked up in a prison and the abilities you have right now, are freedom choices that you can decide to make at anytime you want.  SO PLEASE, I ADVISE THAT YOU USE YOUR CREATIVE POWERS TO YOUR SPIRITUAL ADVANTAGE – RIGHT NOW!

The Existence works with the energy of creation by using the power of Love, and creation is all we do with the use of our minds.  All day every day we use our thoughts to create and creation is how we have made all of the things you see here in front of you.

I want you to grasp the Spiritual idea, that at times we also have to go through negative experiences, in order that we obtain an understanding of that situation so that we get better from it to evolve Spiritually.

The greatest and best lesson to know, is that if you are going through a negative situation and if you can maintain and keep Love in your heart without being affected by it.  Then you have mastered that lesson.

I will dig deeper on what the meaning of Spirituality is, because the majority of people are misinterpreting it and associating it to religion.  Spirituality has nothing to do with any religion on earth.  It has no connection to any of the doctrines or denominations anywhere.  All Spirituality is, is to be in tune with your higher self, your soul and ultimately with The Cosmic Central Consciousness (Which is what is called God on earth).  Spirituality is the ability to have and keep Love in your Heart, nothing else.

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