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I have set up this Spiritual blogs site, to give you a true loving insight into what Spirituality means and how to utilize it to better your life.

The purpose of these Spiritual blogs, is to help you find closure with the questions you are pondering about in life. 

Take the time to read any post you want, and see which one resonates with you, in your Heart.

A great deal of the time, we are living our lives in a fast paced motion. That we forget to slow down and pay attention to our present moment and to focus on tapping into our thoughts. 

It even escapes our minds, on concentrating to give our souls a thorough search into our questions or problems we are experiencing daily.

We fail to connect our purpose with our present moment.  Our present moment gives us insight to our purpose.  A reason for why we are alive, and what we are here to do.

Our whole culture in society, is distracted by a lot of negative energy and malevolent disturbances.  These disturbances contain too much pollution, crime, and a lot of evil thoughts.

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Your Spiritual path into the mysteries of this world and the universe, are revealed to you, if you open up your Heart Chakra and allow Love to shine through once more!


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Thoughts hold a very powerful energy.  It is where creation begins and manifestation grows. - Continue Reading...

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Thoughts hold a very powerful energy. It is where creation begins and manifestation grows. – Continue Reading…