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How To Awaken To Your Purpose In Life

Inside of this ebook, you will find the understanding of the little sensations that you have always been feeling and continue to feel, every single moment of your waking life.  These little tingles that are continuously affecting your emotions, are there to remind you of who you really are, where you came from and what you are here to do.  Have you ever felt, that no matter what it is that you are doing, you still feel incomplete, like you are lacking something in your life, or like there is something more important you should be doing? The reason you feel these sensations, is because there is a Divine plan that you are apart of.  Your Higher Self is trying to help you in reminding you, of what you’re supposed to be doing for your purpose in life!

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Everything Good Oppressed

5 Steps For How To Clean And Heal Your Ego

Have you ever paid close attention towards every little thing that you think, say, or do on a daily basis?  Did you know that your Thoughts, Words and Actions have a strong impact towards people and your surroundings?  You routinely harm people with your egoistic ways, and it definitely damages the emotions of another person when you use harsh and ignorant T.W.A. expressions.  In this mini ebook, I will show you how to clean and heal your ego, so that you can target and completely remove those malevolent behavioral patterns that you continue to cultivate.

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Fear Is The Culprit

Fear Is The Culprit

Fear, is the most and the worst unfavorable emotion to contain in the body.  It is the most DESTRUCTIVE of all, and it wreaks nasty havoc inside your human body system.  It will stop you dead on your tracks, if you allow it to cultivate barriers and blockades for you.  Fear prevents you from moving forward towards your Dreams and Aspirations that you are wanting to fulfill, to live a Happy Free life.